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(personal vfx film)

In 2021 I worked on a short film called Torsion where I was tasked to make a 1 minute Visual Effects film, and I had chosen to go for a Sci-fi movie.

Shot 01

VFX in this shot just required a Sky replacement to keep the flow and time of day consistent.

Shot 03

To forward the story the location was meant to be in an isolated area of the city so all buildings had to be removed.

Shot 06

CG Ground replacement as well as a match-moved gun was added to this shot as the main CG object was the gun itself.

Shot 08

Background replacement / Building removal, gun tracking and replacement.

Shot 11

Gun replacement CGI and adding 3D Objects into the space with a destruction FX simulation.

Shot 13

Shot 11 Replica but with stock smoke clips rather than simulations to save time and beacon device animations.

Shot 16

CGI Sky warping to create shockwaves, CGI spaceship with FX smoke and fire simulation entering the atmosphere and CGI Birds to create an intensified effect.

Shot 02

Screen replacement on a phone as the final motion graphics wasn't completed, required tracking as well as clouds recreation.

Shot 04

Construction areas in the shot were contradicting the isolated area hence had to be removed, and for the plot a meteor crashing was added.

Shot 07

Building removal in the background as well as the prop replacement with CGI Props.

Shot 10

CGI Gun replacement and cleanup removal of the tracking markers.

Shot 12

CGI Gun replacement and interactive reflections and lighting.

Shot 15

CGI Ground cleanup as well as Object replacement and tracking for 'beacon device'

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