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Daylins FunHouse


Text Logo

For the intro the Funhouse family asked for me to make a text design to be used specifically in the intro and we ended up sticking to the concept and use the colors for the outro as well as other animations.

intro - animation

Intro animation to promote the channel's name with hyped intensity to get the flow of the video going.

Like the video - lower third animation

Lower third animation promoting audience to like the video.

leave a comment - lower third animation

Animation encouraging to leave a comment, intended to be used in public questionnaire to get an answer from the audience in the comments.

Outro - animation

End screen animation with a full layout for recommended videos, merchandise page, subscribe button with a empty slot for camera to direct the audience.

subscribe count down - lower third

Lower third animation to urge the audience to subscribe within the countdown frame to attract more subscribers than usual.

Turn on notification - lower third

Lower third animation encouraging the audience to click the notification button, intended to be used when announcing an upcoming video.

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